Personalized therapy for heart failure

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Heart failure is one of the most common chronic diseases, affecting 2% of the population. Due to the complexity of the disease, comorbidities and undesirable side effects of the numerous medications mean that in many cases the patient's condition continues to deteriorate despite treatment according to guidelines.

Biomarker analysis with AI models can improve therapy, leading to significant reductions in hospital admissions and mortality.

In an EU Interreg project, funded by the EU, the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Zurich, we are developing an improved therapy for heart failure together with five innovative European hospitals, medical societies and other partners. Exploris contributes to the PASSION project with its Heart Failure Explorer.

Interreg North-West Europe PASSION

EU project PASSION

The EU project PASSION is developing a platform that will allow AI-assisted therapy dosing of drugs in addition to the optimization of guidelines. An avatar will enable patient self-treatment and promote serious gaming for increased patient compliance.

About the project

AI-based drug dosing

The Heart Failure Explorer is a new AI-based test that provides risk prediction plus personalized medication dosage recommendation, enabling therapies to be personalized. A first retrospective study shows that it can significantly reduce hospitalizations and deaths.

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Fewer hospitalizations and deaths

Personalized therapy enabled by the Heart Failure Explorer can reduce hospitalizations and deaths by up to 50%. In addition to reducing healthcare costs, the quality of life of patients is improved.

Part of the PASSION project

The Heart Failure Explorer was further developed together with four large European hospitals. The goal is to set up an AI-supported e-health platform.

Supported by the federal government and the canton of Zurich

The Interreg project PASSION, in which Exploris is involved, is funded by the EU, the federal government and the canton of Zurich.

Better than previous therapies

If patients do not respond satisfactorily to standard therapy so far, the dosage of the drugs has been changed by "trial and error", which can lead to severe complications. Heart Failure Explorer predicts the optimal dosage, taking into account the patient's individual conditions, and thus improves therapy and health status.

Health status prediction

Our breakthrough AI platform enables early detection of changes in health status based on patient data and allows for timely adjustment of therapy.

Patient-specific dosage of important drugs

Dosing for ACE inhibitor, beta-blocker, loop duiretic is suggested by Heart Failure Explorer, taking into account comorbidities and adverse effects. AI allows efficient and personalized assessment.


Challenges in personalised management ofchronic diseases-heart failure asprominent example to advance the careprocess


Artificial intelligence supported patient self-care in chronic heart failure: a paradigm shift from reactive to predictive, preventiveand personalised care.