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Artificial intelligence.
AI as a service

Data Science & Predictive Modeling

Our platform enables rapid analysis of complex data structures and development of new applications.

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Cardio Explorer

The Smartest Way to Check Your Heart

The non-invasive test reliably detects life-threatening narrowing of the coronary arteries (coronary artery disease), the main cause of heart attacks, and provides safety for both physician and patient.

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A father and his child on a zoom meeting with a doctor.
Heart Failure Explorer

Personalized therapy for heart failure

Enables patient self-treatment and optimizes therapy.

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Our partners

"Exploris' eDiagnostic Services will transform existing processes in today's medical care for the benefit of patients. The team's close collaboration with senior physicians at leading hospitals is impressive and reflects our culture of co-creation."

Marianne Janik

CEO Microsoft Germany

"We believe Cardio Explorer, Exploris Health's innovative cardiac test, will significantly improve care for patients with suspected coronary artery disease."

Dr. Thomas M. Helms

Chairman of the Board of the German Foundation for the Chronically Ill

"Thanks to artificial intelligence, we finally have a tool that can meet the high demands in primary diagnostics."

E. Schönmann, MD

Specialist FMH for General Internal Medicine

"Artificial intelligence has become an indispensable part of modern medicine. It can be used to answer complex questions, as with Cardio Explorer, and ideally to avoid unnecessary examinations. The quality of medicine is thus increased, while the burden on patients is reduced."

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Béchir

Specialist FMH for General Internal Medicine