Cardio Explorer in Helsana's Primeo product

Cardio Explorer in Helsana's Primeo product

The Cardio Explorer test, which is based on artificial intelligence, is reimbursed by the Helsana Primeo supplementary insurance.

Primeo customers can have their hearts tested for the presence of coronary heart disease (CHD) - the main cause of heart attacks - with the Cardio Explorer test. Regular check-ups are recommended from the age of 50 at the latest. Risk factors that promote the development of a narrowing in the coronary arteries include, in addition to advancing age, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, nicotine consumption and obesity. With the Cardio Explorer Test, diabetics and women, who are typically asymptomatic in the presence of CHD, are also diagnosed early and with high precision.

The Primeo supplementary insurance covers 90% of the costs of a heart examination with the Cardio Explorer Test. A total of up to CHF 5,000 per calendar year and insured person is reimbursed. A screening with the Cardio Explorer Test costs an average of CHF 350.- in Switzerland and can already be performed during the initial examination at the family doctor. Today, to obtain the same accuracy about the current presence of a relevant coronary stenosis (narrowing of the coronary artery), the patient must go to a clinic for a CT or MRI scan. This usually involves a time-consuming examination and high costs. This means that with the Cardio Explorer Test, the patient not only saves the trip to the clinic and the high examination costs, but also does not have to expose himself to unnecessary stress.

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