Exploris Health at "Health 2.022

Exploris Health at "Health 2.022

Peter Ruff reffed at this year's "Health 2.022".

"If active substances and new diagnostic procedures that are endteckt in research today are available tomorrow and not only in 15 years" - Peter Ruff

At this year's Health 2.022 of the Finance and Business Forum, the topic was innovation in healthcare. Regulation slows down innovation in medicine. Peter Ruff used the Cardio Explorer to show that innovative solutions are available that meet the high requirements.

Many thanks to the organizers and our great conversation partners:

FuW Forum / GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute / Daniele Madonna / Gieri Cathomas / Dario Corica

(Image source: FUW Forum / https://www.fuw-forum.ch)