Health is not everything - but without health everything is nothing. A gift from the heart.

Health is not everything - but without health everything is nothing. A gift from the heart.

Find out why a precautionary heart exam is the ideal gift here.

Christmas is the festival of love and contemplation, but usually also the time when we rush through the department stores in a panic to find the perfect gifts. However, most of us only wish for one thing: more time.

More time with the family, more time for hobbies, more time for all the things that otherwise always come up short. Time can be taken, health cannot. If health is impaired, everything else falls by the wayside. But few believe that they themselves could be affected and prevention remains for most, if at all, only a good resolution for the new year.

Why a precautionary heart examination makes so much sense.

Heart attack is still the most common cause of death worldwide. The main cause is narrowing of the coronary arteries. 45% of those affected have no symptoms, and for some the first sign is sudden death. However, even those who survive a heart attack suffer damage to the heart muscle that has serious consequences. The warning signs of a heart attack are different for men and women, and it is important to recognize them early. If a dangerous narrowing of the heart arteries is detected in time, the better the chances of survival and prevention of heart damage. That's why the European Society of Cardiology calls for regular, preventive heart screening starting at age 50.

Cardio Explorer - the evolution in cardiac care

Cardio Explorer calculates the personalized risk of dangerous narrowing of the heart arteries using artificial intelligence. It is the only method that achieves its high precision even in women and asymptomatic individuals and has been able to prove this in clinical studies. Based on the calculated risk profile, clear medical recommendations for action can be given to reduce the personal risk again in the future. The test is easy to perform: In addition to a blood sample, only a few details about the person are required.

Give the gift of a precautionary heart examination with the Cardio Explorer with heart - and mind. Below at "Downloads" you will find templates for a personal voucher.

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