Occupational health management with the Cardio Explorer

Occupational health management with the Cardio Explorer

Raising employee awareness with the Cardio Explorer: By highlighting the current risk, health behavior is sustainably increased.

The well-being of employees

Stress, smoking, poor diet, and an unhealthy lifestyle in general are risk factors for burnout as well as coronary heart disease, the leading cause of heart attack.  

Constant stress at work promotes unhealthy behaviors - such as eating and alcohol consumption - and is often accompanied by too little exercise. At the same time, stress also has a direct negative impact on our autonomic nervous system, which can lead to high blood pressure or sleep disorders, for example. Stress hormones, such as adrenaline and inflammatory messengers, also promote premature aging of the cardiovascular system, including constriction of the coronary arteries. This can result in acute heart problems and even heart attacks or heart failure.

Studies show that disease risk perception is a key determinant of health behaviors and that interventions that address one's risk perception have been shown to increase health behaviors.

About the study: Risk perceptions and health behavior

The Cardio Explorer Check-Up

The Cardio Explorer is used to determine the current risk of heart attack. The relevant risk factors are looked at and evaluated. On this basis, clear medical recommendations for action can be made to reduce the personal risk again in the future. Thanks to the simple procedure (blood sample, questions about current lifestyle and blood pressure measurement), the test can be performed regardless of location.

The Cardio Explorer is unique  

Cardio Explorer is the only procedure that achieves its high precision even in women and asymptomatic individuals and has proven this in clinical studies. The Cardio Explorer's accuracy is comparable to the best image-based procedures.

More about Cardio Explorer  

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